A free-lance writer, avid outdoorsman, and lover of America, I currently live and work in Central Pennsylvania, where I was born and raised.

Although hunting, camping, back-packing, and traveling around the country are some of my favorite hobbies, I also have a deep fondness for literature, history, and politics. Heavily involved in the local political scene from an early age, I still man polls with my friends and family during election season. I am part of the Constitutional Organization of Liberty, a Pennsylvania-based educational organization dedicated to teaching people about the state and national Constitutions, as well as the local Citizen’s Caucus, an institution devoted to presenting a public forum for the debate of opposing viewpoints.

I graduated with honors from Grove City College, one of the finest private Christian colleges in the nation, champion of free market economics, and home to the Center for Vision & Values political think-tank. During my time there, I was one of the top writers/reporters for the college paper, art director/illustrator for a literary magazine, and one of the chief organizers of the campus swing dancing club. After making some very interesting memories, I left with a degree in Communication Studies and History.

When not at my laptop, I can usually be found somewhere outside or off swing-dancing.

So far, my articles and opinions have only made appearances in local papers, but friends can tell you I can be found anywhere in person or on Facebook having long discussions about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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